"I spent too many years being made to feel that disability had to be hidden"

By Joanne Dacombe

I embrace my impairments with pride, 
I own them, I work with them, 
I make mistakes with them for sure. 
I’m Autistic, and deaf, and I have M.S. 
They are what they are and while they create challenges 
they also create opportunities to learn about myself 
and to push my limits – rather than letting society restrict me. 
I’m grateful to disabled people who taught me 
I don’t need to hide my impairments, 
I don’t need to be begrudging in discussing them 
because I can have disability pride. 
I spent too many years being made to feel that disability 
had to be hidden, that we should always 
try to present as normal. 
I’m tired of doing that and it is ableist, so no more. 
I embrace disability pride.

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    commented on Joanne Dacombe 2019-09-14 02:53:58 +1200
    A very inspirational lady. Pleased and honoured to have met you Joanne. And you have taught me so much about how to defend ones self against people who don’t accept autistics for the incredible unique people we are.
    published Joanne Dacombe in Stories 2019-08-08 15:17:50 +1200