My belief, My enemy, My life, My family, My love, My childhood, My dream, My challenge

By Duncan Armstrong

My belief: We are people. Humans are everyone. All of us. We need to remember that sometimes.

My enemy: Poverty. Child poverty, adult poverty. I want to get rid of it. Smash it.

My life: My life is my art. I am an artist. Arts and advocacy go together.

My family: Are awesome. They are playwrights, artists, musicians. They are in movies, theatres, the symphony orchestra.

My love: When I’m performing I am being myself. Music. Dance. Drama. DRUMMING!

My childhood: I played all sports: cricket, basketball, soccer, swimming. I’ve been in plays since I was at school at Onslow College. I support mainstream schools. Once I went to a “unit” and they were giving toys to the people there but the people were actually adults not kids. I was like. WTF. They are actually adults. They are not kids.

My dream: To be an artist. A RICH artist. LOL

My challenge: There’s an issue in New Zealand arts and that’s support and training for us, inclusion in professional training for artists with disabilities. Funders should be making it easier and more accessible to people who look like me to apply for funding. For people who are blind to apply for funding. For people who are deaf to apply for funding. They have rights too and by making it harder for them they are excluding them. They are missing out on these artists.

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