Proudly advocating for people with intellectual disability

By David Corner

David Corner

David represents people with intellectual disability, ensuring their voices are heard both national and internationally.


I am a person with an intellectual disability and autism.

I grew up with the rest of my family and I went to school and and intermediate and college.

It felt different for me being in special classes at intermediate and college as we were teased and called names and bullied and picked on by other people at the schools who thought they were better than us. 

We didn't really learn much as it felt to me that we were segregated by the other people at school because we were in different classes away from the other people. 

I live independently in my own house and receive 5 hours of supported living a week to help me with different things. 

I am not afraid to self disclose that I have an intellectual disability and autism and are proud to admit it as it has made me who I am today.

There is nothing wrong with having a disability as everybody has one whether they accept it or not. 

The things that I mostly need help and support with is to have people explain things to me in a way that I understand and support me and show me how to do different things in different ways but as a person with autism and intellectual disability I tend to focus on doing things one way which isn’t always the best or the right to do them.

I work for the IHC as their National Self Advocate Advisor which is a job that I have being doing for over 22 years and really enjoy.

I represent people with an intellectual disability on Inclusion International as the Asia Pacific self advocate council representative.

I have been on lots of different committees and boards over the years ensuring that the voice of people with intellectual disability is heard and acknowledged and listened to as we have the same rights as other people. 

I am really proud to be part of disability pride week as it gives me an opportunity to mix with other people from the disability community and share my experiences with them and to build and create networks with other people.


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    commented on David Corner 2019-09-13 07:47:21 +1200
    Very proud of you David, thank you for all the work you have done for the DisabilityService and all of us who have many disabilities in other ways. Many school kids and adults make fun of others in many ways and many of them never make it good in life like you David so continue walking confidently to the future. Grace and blessings dearest friend!
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