When not being seen as disabled leads to exclusion

By Tony Gill

It is interesting that disability affects everyone differently.

I for one have been discriminated by people who have a disability many times. I have wanted to be on many advisory groups and other members said "you aren't disabled so you can't".

This is where it gets interesting because everyone has seen me for my abilities and not for my disability.

This has gone on all my life, I was born with a condition and have had some surgery while it stills affect me today, it's a life-long condition.

It's human nature to be want "importance" for me (I am who I am ) and pretend it doesn't concern me when those people I help say I don't understand or I'm not disabled enough.

Even those who say they advocate for others (Disabled People) still discriminate against me. I accept this.

There was as a special lady who used a wheelchair - she had a sign on her wheels saying "look pass the wheels". This is so true. I saw her as a lady with similar training skills to me.

I would like all disability groups/conditions to work together, instead of so much infighting.

I have achieved so much and what would happen if I didn't have a condition. Who knows?

I encourage you or friends and family to do your best. Just remember we all judge each other, disabled and non-disabled.

I look at the ability of the person.

Thanks Tony


Image: Portrait photo of Tony Gill

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